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Character Profile

Name: Arkady
Date of Birth:
Breed: Unknown (Feral)
Captain: None
National Loyalty: None
Appearance: Pale grey with brown markings and red patch on face
Special Abilities:
Status: Active (Britian)


Arkady was the leader of the feral dragon tribe Temeraire's crew encountered in the Pamir mountains while traveling to Turkey. He had apparently reached this position based on cleverness and force of personality, since he was not the largest or strongest of the group. Arkady was a showoff and enjoyed telling flamboyant stories. Later he consented to be ridden by Tharkay, leading his tribe to help "rescue" Temeraire. After the rescue, he agreed to bring his tribe into the service of Britain, with promises of regular feeding.

Arkady's tribe were induced to fight for Britain by an offer of one cow each per day made by Tharkay to tempt them to aid the British during late 1806. Arkady later personally negotiated with Admiral Jane Roland for this deal to be extended and to allow variation in the provided animals for the feral tribe to remain in Britain and aid in it's defence throughout 1807. At this time the feral along with the Kazilik Iskierka, and the Celestial Temeraire were the only Dragons in Britain that had not contracted the Dragon Plague.

Arkady's position as leader of an independent feral tribe of Dragons meant that he was more open to a less strict interpretation of "orders" than a dragon raised from birth by the British Ariel Corps. This became important when Iskierka involved the feral dragons in her plans to acquire capital through taking French ships as prizes later in 1807.