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Celestial, by Mooir
Celestial, by merangue

Dragon Breed Data

Breed Name: Celestial
National Loyalty: Mostly Chinese
Physical Characteristics: Black
Special Abilities: Divine Wind
Known Members: Temeraire, Lung Tien Qian, Lung Tien Chuan, Lung Tien Lien, Lung Tien Ming, Lung Tien Zhi,Lung Tien Chu, Grandfather.

Species Notes

Celestials are an extremely rare Chinese breed of dragon, exclusively able to employ the "Divine Wind." Only members of the Emperor's family are permitted to be companions to Celestials. According to Lung Tien Qian, there are only eight Celestials in the world, listed above. Because all Celestials are so closely related, they do not mate with each other, but with Imperials, producing a Celestial egg (occasionally, the mating of two Imperials also results in a Celestial).

Celestials are similar in appearance to Imperials. They are usually darkly colored (with the exception of Lung Tien Lien) with blue markings. They have five talons on each foot and their wings have six spines, as opposed to most dragons' five. They are able to beat their wings forward and backward, which gives them the ability to "hover" in midair. When Celestials mature, they grow a ruff around their head and tendrils along their bottom jaw, distinguishing them from Imperials.

While nearly as tall as a Regal Copper, Celestials weigh about half as much, still considerably more then most dragons.

The part of all the name of all celestial, "Lung Tien", means "Celestial Dragon".