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[[Image:Chelengk.jpg|thumb|200px|Chelengk Medal]]
A Turkish military medal. It's presentation was considered a high honour in the Ottoman empire.
Recipients have included the Captain of [[Bezaid]] and Sir [[Horatio Nelson]].  Nelson's medal was presented for his victory at the [[Battle of the Nile]].
A chelengk (Turkish: çelenk) is a decoration of the Ottoman empire. It was a turban ornament consisting of a central flower made up of sixteen petals with leaves and buds. The stalk of the flower is tied by a bow, and above it are thirteen rays representing the ships captured at the Nile, which originally vibrated as the wearer moved. It's presentation was considered a high honour in the Ottoman empire.
A chelengk was awarded to [[Horatio Nelson]] by Sultan [[Selim III]] in honor of the [[Battle of the Nile]] in 1798. The Captain of [[Bezaid]] is also a recipient.
[[Category:Turkish Military]]
[[Category:Turkish Military]]

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