Dragon Weight Classification

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In the western world, dragons are divided into three major weight classes; Lightweight (which is in turn divided into Courier and Light-Combat), Middleweight & Heavyweight. It should be noted, however, that weight is not always a clear indication of size. For example, the Celestial dragon Temeraire is said to weigh around 18 Tonnes, but drawings of the breed depct him much larger than other breeds of similar weight. However, he is said to be leaner than Maximus, a Regal Copper, so presumably the Celestial breed is lean by nature. Another thing to note is that some breeds of dragon can only reach certain heights, hence different courier breeds being used for different distances.

Currently, the specifications for the groups are based off confirmed sizes of specific dragon breeds.

Lightweight: <10 Tonnes

Courier: <6 Tonnes

Light Combat: 6-10 Tonnes

Middleweight: 10-18 Tonnes

Heavyweight: 18> Tonnes

Unknown Weight

Breeds Not Yet Seen

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