Hannah Erasmus

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Character Profile

Name: Hannah Erasmus
Date of Birth:
Nationality: African


Hannah Erasmus was a slave in Brazil. She bears a brand on her face of her master's name. She was freed and married Rev. Josiah Erasmus and bore him two children.

She comes along with him on the HMS Allegiance with intentions of becoming a missionary in Africa. Though her and her husband's presence on the ship causes bad feeling with Captain Tom Riley, whose family owns slaves.

Hannah shows herself to be unafraid of dragons, something Laurence finds passing odd. She and her husband set up in a mission, teaching black children to read and preaching the gospel, which quickly thrives to the consternation of the Dutch settlers.

When the British aviators go out into the jungle looking for the mushroom believed to be the cure for the dragon plague, Mrs. Erasmus and her husband come along to act as translators, though they know little of the language. She is along for the ride when the aviators find a large stash of the mushrooms and are attacked by a group of tribesman and dragons. In this encounter, her husband is murdered at the command of one of the dragons after the brand on her face is revealed. This dragon, Kefentse, recognizes her and calls her by her given name ("Lethabo"). He claims to be an elder of her tribe. Apparently he cares for her a great deal, but will not let her go, believing she does not really know what she is asking for.