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Character Profile

Name: Hollin
Date of Birth:
Service: Aerial Corps
Rank: Captain
Nationality: British
Billets: Loch Laggan covert, head of Temeraire's ground crew

Loch Laggan covert, captain to Elsie


Hollin was the head of Temeraire's ground crew, in addition to these duties William Laurence asked him to keep an eye on Levitas, who was being neglected by his captain, Jeremy Rankin. Hollin showed a high level of dedication to this task and was the one who alerted the rest of the covert to Levitas' approaching death.

Shortly following Levitas' death, a Winchester cracked the shell and required a Captain to attempt the harnessing. At the time Rankin had recently distinguished himself, and was unassigned it would have reflected badly on the Corps politically for the Winchester to go unharnessed while Rankin was available, however Ariel Command was loath to present him to a new hatchling given his previous treatment of Levitas. To solve this problem William Laurance suggest Hollin be allowed to attempt the harnessing. Hollin's dedication to duty and compassion in the case of Levitas had impressed Laurance favourably enough for him to suggest the Ariel corps overlook his common birth.

Hollin successfully harnessed the Winchester and he and the dragon, named Elsie, began training for courier duty shortly after the Battle of Dover.