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Character Profile

Name: Langford James
Date of Birth:
Service: Aerial Corps
Rank: Captain
Nationality: British
Billets: Loch Laggan covert, captain to Volatilus


James and his dragon Volly performed dispatch service for the Corps. He typically wore a grey leather outfit with hood that matched the dragon's hide. He occassionally went on flights as long as fourteen hours with his dragon, so they spent a lot of time together. Even though Volly isn't as intelligent as other dragons, the two got along beautifully, in stark contrast with how Jeremy Rankin treated Levitas.

James, whose given name was Langford, began serving in the Aerial Corps as a child. He began training for dispatch service at 12 and was put on Volly at 14.

Even by the lax standards of the Corps James was extremely casual in his approach to social situations. Having been a captain from such a young age and having spent much of the intervening years flying long distance courier routes, James' independence and lack of concern for the unspoken rules of social situations occasionally caused friction with the more traditional elements of the Royal Navy. James however most often failed to notice either giving or receiving any offence.