Josiah Erasmus

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Character Profile

Name: Josiah Erasmus
Date of Birth:
Rank: Reverend
Nationality: African/Jamaican


Josiah Erasmus is a friend of William Wilberforce. He is invited to a party thrown in William Laurence's honor meant to help combat the slave trade and raise money for the dragon's sick with the plague. There a gentleman named Mr. Bathurst argues for the slave trade, at which point Erasmus appears. Erasmus was himself taken from Africa at six years old. He bears scars on his face and elsewhere from being whipped. He was brought to Jamaica where he became a preacher. At that time he aided Wilberforce in speaking out against slavery and hoped to one day to return to Africa as a missionary.

This desire was fulfilled in due course and along with his wife and two daughters Erasmus took over an abandoned missionary in Cape Town, travelling there as a guest of William Laurence aboard the HMS Allegiance. After only a short time in Cape Town Erasmus agreed to act as a translator for Captain Laurence in his efforts to secure a supply of an African fungus. This ended in tragedy when a tribesman took him for a slave trader after Erasmus mentioned the tribe he had belonged to before being taken as a slave himself.