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Character Profile

Name: Kalkreuth
Date of Birth:
Service: Prussian Army
Rank: General
Nationality: Prussian


General Kalkreuth first met William Laurence at the generals' meeting following the Jena-Auerstadt defeat. He was particularly considered with the dragon equipment Laurence was able to bring with him.

He later appeared again at the Siege of Danzig, as the general in charge of that city. Bonaparte's envoy tried to entice Kalkreuth to surrender without a shot fired (as was done when the French lay seige to Stettin) but he flatly refused and instead began to prepare for battle.

Kalkreuth was evacuated to Britain with the rest of Danzig with the aid of the feral dragons. Many of his men were afraid to ride the dragons until Kalkreuth cursed them for cowards and climbed aboard Arkady himself.

See: Friedrich Adolf Graf Von Kalckreuth article from wikipedia.