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Dragon Breed Data

Breed Name: Kazilik
National Loyalty: Mostly Turkish
Physical Characteristics: Scarlet with green black markings; two distinctive horns
Special Abilities: Fire breather
Known Members: Iskierka, Bezaid, Sherazde

Species Notes

Kaziliks are a highly valuable breed of dragon. This is mostly because of the coveted ability to breathe fire, but also because they are heavyweight dragons when most fire breathers are light to middleweight. They are native to Turkey, and the government lets very few out of their possession. Kaziliks are difficult to disguise or decoy, a common tactic used to protect fire breathing dragons, because of their distinctive horns. The species is known for strong fighting spirit, which only further increases their military value.

William Laurence saw the destructive power of the Kaziliks at the Battle of the Nile when he saw the French flagship destroyed by their flames.