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Character Profile

Name: Levitas
Date of Birth:
Breed: Winchester
Captain: Jeremy Rankin
National Loyalty: Britain
Appearance: Small; brown and purple
Special Abilities:
Status: Deceased


Levitas was very fond of his captain, Jeremy Rankin, as most dragons are. Unfortunately, Rankin wasn't nearly as fond of him and treated the dragon poorly. Hollin took to taking care of him. And when Levitas died in action, Hollin was given the opportunity to harness a young Winchester named Elsie, passing over Rankin.

Levitas, like all Winchesters, had a "chirping" voice. He was barely as tall as a draft horse which makes him even smaller than Volly. Unlike the other dragons, Levitas often had dried blood and other muck on his hide, because he was not cared for properly.

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