Liu Bao

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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Liu Bao
Date of Birth:
Nationality: Chinese


Liu Bao was the older envoy went with Prince Yongxing's party to Britain. He was a heavy-set man of good humour who enjoyed a good time. He became an ally of William Laurence when Laurence helped him get over his seasickness onboard the HMS Allegiance.

Liu Bao proved to be good natured and easily amused, which proved an important factor in the improving of relations between the Allegiance's crew and the Chinese passengers. He went so far as to order his cooks to provide a British styled dinner for the officers of the Allegiance, strengthening relations.

As a relation of the Jiaqing Emperor's mother and an official in the Manchu White Banner (a military corps), Liu Bao's support was quite valuable to Laurence in China. It was Liu Bao who suggested that Laurence be adopted by the Emperor as a son, effectively making him a member of the Chinese Royal family and allowing him to remain as companion to Lung Tien Xiang; Temeraire.