Lord Allendale

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Character Profile

Name: Lord Allendale
Date of Birth:
Service: n/a; sits in House of Lords
Nationality: British


Lord Allendale was William Laurence's father and the eleventh Earl of Allendale, an earldom created in 1529.

Will was his third son, and Lord Allendale wanted him to go into the Church, as his middle son had. Will had to run away before Lord Allendale allowed him to join the Navy, and his father never quite approved of that career. When Will harnessed Temeraire, Lord Allendale approved even less. He never went so far as to disown Will, but he did ask his son not to come to their home again. At first, when Will wrote to his mother, Lady Allendale, he had to conceal his correspondence. After the Battle of Dover, when Will became a hero, Lord Allendale allowed him to write his mother openly, however he never went so far as to write his son himself.

The two of them were very different. The one thing they did agree on was the subject of slavery. Lord Allendale often pushes for abolition when he is at Parliament. One of his political allies was Lord Barham, who had the unpleasant task of attempting to separate Will from Temeraire in late 1805.

Lord Allendale's seat was at Wollaton Hall in Nottinghamshire.