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{{Dragons|name=Lung Qin Gao|dob=|species=[[Imperial]]|captain=|nation=China|appearance=Blue to black coloring; large
{{Dragons|name=Lung Qin Gao|dob=Unknwon|species=[[Imperial]]|captain=None|nation=China|appearance=Blue to black coloring; large
== Biography ==
== Biography ==

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Character Profile

Name: Lung Qin Gao
Date of Birth: Unknwon
Breed: Imperial
Captain: None
National Loyalty: China
Appearance: Blue to black coloring; large
Special Abilities: None
Status: Active


Lung Qin Gao is Temeraire's father. He is an Imperial who was mated with a Celestial. All currently living Celestial dragons are closely related and therefore cannot breed amongst themselves.

When Temeraire is in China, his mother, Lung Tien Qian tells him that Gao is visiting in south Hangzhou with his companion, who is a Prince of the third rank.