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Spoiler Warning

Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the unpublished Book 4!

End Warning

Character Profile

Name: Obversaria
Date of Birth:
Breed: Anglewing
Captain: Admiral Lenton
National Loyalty: Britain
Appearance: Small
Special Abilities:
Status: Deceased


Obversaria was the "flag dragon" of the Aerial Corps for ten years, because Admiral Lenton was her captain. She had many years of experience (at least 40 with Lenton) and was noted to be the "best" dragon in Britain at one point. She was an Anglewing which is a small breed, but noted for its ability to manueuver in tight spaces which is incredibly useful at war.

She died in August of 1806, of the sickness that affected many of the dragons. It was a great loss to the Corps and also to Lenton personally.

However, a small bit of Obversaria lives on. An egg she laid that was kept at the Loch Laggan covert was near hatching by the time Laurence left Britain for China. It was to be given to Lloyd, who was Excidium's first lieutenant.

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