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{{DragonBreeds|name=Regal Copper|loyalty=Britian|physical=Very large; red to yellow coloring|
{{DragonBreeds|name=Regal Copper|loyalty=Britain|physical=Very large; red to yellow coloring|
(per Edward Howe)|abilities=|members=[[Maximus]]
(per Edward Howe)|abilities=|members=[[Maximus]]

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Dragon Breed Data

Breed Name: Regal Copper
National Loyalty: Britain
Physical Characteristics: Very large; red to yellow coloring
Special Abilities:
Known Members: Maximus


Species Notes

According to Sir Edward Howe, Regal Coppers were descended from the Spanish Cauchador Real mixed with the smaller British breed known as Bright Coppers. It was a successful breeding experiment, as Regal Coppers were both larger than their ancestors and better able to sustain flight over distance.

Mature Regal Coppers were weighed as much as 50 tons were as long as 120 feet; the British believed them to be the largest breed of dragon. Their coloring was dramatic, shading from red to yellow, with variety between individual dragons. Female Regal Coppers tended to be slightly larger than males. Mature males developed forehead horns, and both sexes had a spiny column along the back, which made matters difficult for enemy boarding parties.

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