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Character Profile

Name: Sauvignon
Date of Birth:
Breed: Plein-Vite
National Loyalty: France
Appearance: Small
Special Abilities:
Status: Active


Sauvignon was dispatched to spy on the Dover covert. She was met by two of the sick dragons, until Temeraire arrived and dispatched her. In order to protect the secret of the dragon plague, William Laurence was forced to ask Temeraire to use the Divine wind on her. Temeraire roared over her, instead of at her, saving her life. But she fell from the sky into the sand pit where the Longwings were quarantined. She and Temeraire were then forced into quarantine together as well. She began to show symptoms of the disease four days later while Temeraire remained healthy.

Later, Jane Roland and Laurence are horrified to learn that Admiral Nelson, Lord Mulgrave and Admiral Gambier have knowingly returned Sauvignon to the French with the hopes that she will infect their dragons. The aviators think it terrible to knowingly inflict the disease on the dragons, and worry that Napoleon Bonaparte will then attempt to come across the Channel and invade England before the French Armee de l’Air is significantly compromised.