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Style Reminders

Hi whitehell,

Just a couple of reminders -- since our style is a historical one, we should write entries in past rather than present tense, as if we're writing an encyclopedia of events that have already happened. In that vein, we should also avoid speculation and personal pronouns ("I highly doubt it") in entries, because that isn't the sort of thing you'd read in an encyclopedia. Instead, choose a phrasing that reflects the lack of clarity, if something is unclear, but keep it as a historical rather than a literary uncertainty.

Thanks for your participation, and please ask if you have any questions.

- whitearrow

M'yeah okay sorry. ^^' -WhiteHell

Something doesn't add up in Celeritas' story. If Jeremy Rankin's grandfather was Celeritas' first handler, then he cannot have 200 years of experience. Novik herself has stated that one captain cannot account for more than 50 years of experience. Is it a mistake? Or maybe Celeritas was feral for the first 100 years of his life? :)


I suppose it's something we'd have to ask NN. The only explanation that I could come up with is that Celeritas could be using the term "grandfather" here to mean forefather. But I am making that up. Strangerface 12:50, 5 August 2007 (PDT)


Quote: "He was stationed at Loch Laggan where he was the training master. This was quite unusual, since dragons did not use to have commanding positions in Aerial Corps." - There's nothing in the text to indicate this is unusual within the Corps. It is definitely unknown outside, and Celeritas' position is not common knowledge outside the corps (hence secrecy and uneasy looks in HMD), but it may well be a common situation within. Andrew 02:42, 8 January 2008 (PST)