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I wanted some feedback on the sentence that the Chinese do not use dragons for war. I kinda disagree because they do have a Corps with all female members, and from Black Powder War, the French seem to adapt a lot of dragon techniques for war. It seems that it is only certain breeds are not considered suitable for war, like the Celestials. But on the other hand, it's unclear in Black Powder War that if the new French methods are adapted from peaceful Chinese dragon customs or taken straight from Chinese war techniques.

So what do you guys think? - Jediautobot - Stick a sig on :)

It's definately ambigious. Clearly the chinese do use Dragons for war on a regular basis, but outside of China, this is the sole way dragons are employed, or at least that's all we've seen so far. Inside China, they seem to have free career choice, with some breeds more suited and likely to go into the military. I think it does need changing and expanding on, though perhaps in a seperate article as it has the potential to become very involved. In reference to Celestials specifically, I'd go for both being right. Celestials are not generally used for war, but the French methods are taken straight from Chinese war techniques. It's my belief that Celestials have fought in the past and would be prepared to fight if it were necessary, but China's current relationship with the rest of the world doesn't require it.

The Divine wind is clearly a military skill, it's not is if they are likely to be using Celestials the construction industy. --Andrew 17:25, 14 March 2007 (PDT)