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Hi, I've chopped this "The Ironwing was crossbreeded with the Sharpspitter for the poisonousness." back out again, as I don't think it adds anything that isn't already apparent from the breed data. The sentence itself is also a bit cumbersome. Is crossbred a better term? Andrew 07:02, 19 June 2008 (PDT)

Yeah, I do believe crossbred is a better term than crossbreeded. User:Sjolly75 11:00, 19 June 2008 (EDT)

Possible relation to Anglewing?[edit]

I'm now attempting to work out a conjectural evolutionary chart of the breeds in the Temeraire series, where possible, and I've come to think that the Ironwing might have been crossbred with another breed, possibly Yellow Reaper, to get the Anglewing.

My reasoning? The Longwing and Anglewing both share the "-wing" suffix in their names, and in both cases it refers to an unusual wing ability. We know that the Ironwing, along with the Honneur-d'Or (for Size) and Sharpspitter (for Venom) was crossbred to achieve the Longwing. In addition to being vitriolic, it could have had unusual wings, that over several breeding attempts resulted in the large wings of the Longwing, and the maneuverable wings of the Anglewing. One problem with this theory is, of course, the Ironwing was a vitriolic breed, something that doesn't appear to be present in the Anglewing. Of course, it may have simply not inherited this particular trait of its forbear, and then for some reason the crossing was never re-attempted. Thoughts? Almaron 01:31, 28 October 2010 (PDT)

Why Tri and Vosyem can't be Ironwings[edit]

Answer is short and simple - otherwise presence of Honneur-d'Or would make no sense in Longwings breeding line, since Honneur-d'Or is a middleweight and has no outstanding special abilities nor camouflaging colours and beasts like Vosyem/Tri are big heavyweights that have massive bone armour and - if they were Ironwings - spit acid. Another thing is that if Vosyem/Tri were Ironwings, they would make a force similar to Kaziliks and that wouldn't be a thing that even Napoleon could easily overcome.

Kalia 19:39 6 September 2014 CET