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I've taken out this paragraph as it seems redundent. The fondness and protectiveness of Dragons to their Captains or Companions is inherent in the relationship. While the example of the fight between Temeraire and Lien is interesting, I don't see how it adds anything here as a single sentence. The involvement of Chuan and Mianning in the fight is minimal.

"Fond og Mianning, and only wanting to protect him. He always tried to stay inbetween him and the fight, like in the dragon duel in China"


Is the Date of Birth, or hatching definitely the same? Just because the eggs were laid at the same time doesn't mean they have to hatch at the same time, does it? Indeed this could be part of the reason one egg was sent away. So that it wouldn't be clear which one was the "elder" twin. One would imagine that one egg was laid first, and one would hatch first possibly on the same day, possibly much later. (Biology isn't my strong point.) It might be an even bigger issue if the one laid first hatched second. Andrew 02:04, 7 January 2009 (PST)