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Date of birth

This comes directly from the author. Generally, we're gonna stick to the books, but a baseline date (so we can at least achieve close guesses at other dates relative to it) was really important to establish, and she kindly gave us the information.

-whitearrow 19:45, 19 September 2006 (PDT)

Oh! That's extremely helpful. I read that you wanted dates on the other discussion page and I thought "but I don't know when anything happens." --strangerface

Is it all right that I added this image? I found it in the file uploads. -- strangerface 9/20/06

The image is fine for now -- we're still figuring things out re using artwork and such, but we do have permission.


Chinese name

I've added in a chunk in the free text at the bottom with Temeraire's Chinese name, Lung Tien Xiang. Should this be added to the top stats section too? And perhaps an entry on the "Dragons" list page for Lung Tien Xiang?