Tswana Kingdom

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A central African kingdom, a conglomerate of tribes previously found in the area united under the leadership of King Mokhachane I (d) as an alliance against the slave taking of Europeans and other African tribes.

The Tswana Kingdom is notable even among African nations for it's practice of elephant breeding. As other nations herd and breed cows or sheep, the Tswana Kingdom have bred elephants for size and docility to provide food for it's large dragon population.

Dragon rearing practices

Among the tribes of the Tswana Kingdom, the common practice is for dragons in the shell to be cared for as the vessels for the reincarnation of tribal elders. The eggs are told stories of "their" previous life, and are accepted as part of the family they are to be born into. After hatching these dragons share the local belief that they are the reincarnation of the departed elders and will refer to the still living members of their previous families as wives or children and so on. See Dragon eggs for additional details.

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