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Cross Breeding

Does anyone thing the series will last long enough for the British to do any serious cross breeding with Temeraire? If it were up to you, which species would you cross a Celestial with for the best results? While I think it's tempting to try a cross with the strongest of the other species, Regal Copper, Longwing, or Kazilik, from a practical point of view this would seem less than ideal, given the low number, and slow reproduction of Regal Coppers, and the dangers of losing poor mixing of structures and abilities in other offensively orientated dragons. I personally like the idea of crossing with the Bright Copper, the over large air sacs of the breed may cross well with the Celestial offensive armament, and if the cross worked I'd call it a Bright Wind. Andrew 02:35, 7 November 2007 (PST)