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How could she end the book like that!!!!!

She ended the book, and i quote,"he knew he would be hanged by michealmas.." end quote. When is the next book coming out and where can i get it? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

May/June next year. If you're lucky. Personally given the "marketing" people think it's ok to change cover styles 3 books into a series, then I'm thinking these same geniuses will think once a year on a regular schedule is a better choice than asap when it's finished. Andrew 15:10, 5 November 2007 (PST) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I mean it. She knows how to get her book to be a best seller! I know about 80 people who will buy the book the second it comes out! (myself included!)

Is she actually going to kill Laurence? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I doubt she'd do that (but she is ruthless at knocking off crew members). I think Temeraire, Lilly and Maximus will rebel to prevent Laurence being killed (remember that pact they made way back in book one). I've already preordered it from amazon but the release date is now in July. --Mooir 19:50, 15 April 2008 (PDT) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I'm thinking the pact will have a big impact on the next book. Oh, and it looks like August for the UK. Andrew 03:22, 23 April 2008 (PDT)


the pact wasn't even mentioned in Victory of Eagles...i started on the second book by accident though so maybe i just missed any mention of it

the ending to this book wasn't so hot either

it ended with laurence and temeraire being shipped to another country...she's apparently a big fan of cliffhangers

Pact and ending

I disagree, there were several references to the pact made in the first book throughout VoE. None of them were direct, such as the dragons getting together and talking about it, but the essential reason for Temeraire being sent to Australia at the end was because of the pact and the attitudes he had and was spreading amongst British dragons that the pact represented.

As to it being a cliff hanger ending. I've not certain about that. Most of the plot lines are wrapped up, yes the final end of the Napoleonic wars is currently in doubt, but there's no reason to think that Temeraire and Laurence can have an impact on that from Australia. This could in all fairness be the end of the story. Unless anyone's seen confirmation that there will be another book? Andrew 06:12, 5 August 2008 (PDT)

In one of the interviews NN stated that she has material for 6 books so the next one might be the last.Natli 06:57, 5 August 2008 (PDT)

Found at wikipedia: "At a book signing on July 11, 2008 at Pandemonium Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Novik divulged that the series has a definite end that would ideally be reached by the ninth book, but that no decision has been reached." This would mean that we're halfway through the series :( Natli 03:50, 22 September 2008 (PDT)

Hmmm, the first five books have covered a time period of about three years, January 1805 to early 1808. So either there are going to be jumps in the story OR the "definite end" occurs before Napoleon's final defeat at Waterloo in June 1815 OR Napoleon's final defeat will take place earlier, possibly because the presence of dragons alters the course of the war (as it has already). Maybe Napoleon's opponents will exile him to St. Helena the first time instead of to Elba. Elba's only 12 miles off the Italian coast - in draconic terms, not at all isolated. Rose 16:23, 22 September 2008 (PDT)


I agree that Temeraire's attitude had alot to do with them getting shipped to Australia, but the big part was the ideas he got from China, like dragons getting jobs and equality. They wanted Temeraire gone so that he couldn't spread those ideas around any more than he had. The pact they probably knew nothing about, so that couldn't have affected their decision much.

The ending did wrap things up pretty well, but leaving us off with Laurence and Temeraire being shipped to Australia is a cliffhanger.

If the war no longer concerns them then there probably wont be another book. All the books have been centered around the war. Starsteel ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I think we have very different definitions of what "cliffhanger" means. To me, the ending of VoE is in no way a cliffhanger. There is no issue currently laying unresolved apart for the final outcome of the Napoleonic wars. For a book to have a cliffhanger, there needs to some sort of immediate cliff for the characters to be hanging off. Some current action that the consequences of which are clearly unresolved. Sending them off to Australia doesn't seem to qualify as they're going to spend a year getting there, during which time nothing can happen, and their involvement with Europe and the war has been effectively ended by the British Government.

Now I agree there's no reason why Laurence, Granby, Temeraire and Iskeirka couldn't suddenly be recalled, or encounter something on the way down under that leaves them having a large roll still to play in the out come of the war, but that would be a new circumstance introduced in the next book. How will the get involved again, doesn't count as a cliffhanger for me as the answer could very well be "they wont." Andrew _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

look. just calm down and dont throw a hissy fit _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The sentence of Transportation feels more like teaser than cliffhanger to me. Kinda like "Don't be too fed up with the end to this book! There will be another one and look where they are going!" I'd rather have the ship they are on be captured by the French (would bring the story 'full' circle considering how Temeraire is gotten in the first place) than them end up in a dragonless Australia. I didn't like the B movie feel of Africa in book 4. I guess it was a case of too much anticipation and wanting book 4 to be like I was imagining. The way the Africans raised their dragons was cool but the rest of the African society felt B movie to me.  :( But even though Laurence and Temeraire are transported, they've had a major effect on society. It would be cool to see (even from a short story or several) how it changes England. And now that my computer has been retrieved from catastrophic hard drive failure, I can finish the dragon breed pictures. --Mooir 19:09, 6 August 2008 (PDT)


Hmmm. Now that you put it that way i agree. Thank you for not getting frustrated at my opinions.


I for one was rather relieved by the ending of VoE. Both Laurence and Temeraire have been through a harrowing time, they deserve a nice long sea voyage to rest. I'm more worried about Granby, who seems to be drinking more heavily every time we see him - I expect that sooner or later he'll hit some kind of crisis point. Iskierka treats him with about as much respect as Rankin treated Levitas, except that instead of neglecting him, she dresses him up like a doll. Someone needs to have a talk with that girl, except that there'll be no point in talking to her until she's ready to listen.

I think Laurence and Temeraire might actually *like* Australia. Lots of new territory to explore, a warmer climate for Temeraire. Yeah, I know we heard Laurence groaning about leaving home for a "dry and distant land", but didn't that sound like HMD, where he was groaning about having to give up "hearth and home" because he'd harnessed this (initially) unwanted dragonet? Look how that turned out! (Well, okay, it turned out with him getting transported to Australia, but I don't think he regrets harnessing Temeraire.)

I bet Australia *does* have dragons, but that they're very different from dragons in other parts of the world, just as much other Australian fauna is unique due to the isolation of the landmass. Australian mythology is full of giant lizard gods and snake gods, where do the myths come from?

And I don't see a need for Temeraire and Laurence to return to Britain any time soon. I want to see this Inca Empire Novik keeps hinting at, and we're not going to see it up-close unless T & L go there! And how about the dragons of *North* America? And what ever happened to the Dakota dragon who started the plague anyway? The last we heard of him (HoI), he'd been sent to the breeding grounds in Wales, but he wasn't there when Temeraire arrived.

I was wondering if T & L might get up to North America in time for the War of 1812, but suspect it's more likely that they're going to be at the Battle of Borodino, although Temeraire will hate the Russian winter as much as Napoleon's troops do. (Unlike most of them, he'll survive.) Choiseul in HMD drops a hint about how dragons are treated in Russia which did *not* sound promising.  :-(

Okay, I'm going to try the tilde thing for signing this...

Rose 07:27, 1 September 2008 (PDT) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Predicting the Battles

i hope there is another war in the next book, because the books are all about the wars and how dragons fit into them. mainly novik has recounted old wars and found ways for the dragons to have been involved, so if she puts in another war i hope it will be sligtly different. for one thing it's been easy (in general) to find out the outcomes of these battles from commen knowledge or from a history book. i know several people who find out the outcomes of these battles before they read them, and people who have made timelines, in a school say, so they know if the battles will be won or lost.

I think within the general framework Novik has established, she pretty much has to stick with the Napoleonic Wars. However, she's already created deviations from "real" history within this framework. No one read the outcome of the Battle of Dover in any history book, nor the outcome of Napoleon's successful invasion of Britain or of the Battle of Shoeburyness.

One thing I've been interested to follow is how Novik creates deviations but then manages to remain within the historical framework. For example, Nelson is not killed at the Battle of Trafalgar. Because he survives, Parliament does not pass an Act ending the slave trade in 1807. However, the expulsion of Europeans from sub-Saharan Africa by the Tswana in 1807 achieves the same effect.

So anyone reading ahead in the history books to find out what's going to happen next has no guarantee that their guesses are going to be right. Which is as it should be.  :-) Rose 07:22, 25 September 2008 (PDT)