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Winchester, by Mooir
A Winchester in the feeding grounds

Dragon Breed Data

Breed Name: Winchester
National Loyalty: Britain
Physical Characteristics: Small; brown and purple
Special Abilities:
Known Members: Levitas, Elsie, Moncey, Reedly, Devastatio

Species Notes

Common British breed of dragons. Used mostly as couriers, but if the necessity arose, they could be used as light-weight combat dragons. As couriers, they tended to be used on the shorter routes, while Greylings flew the longer routes to Africa, India and the Americas.

Due to their small size Winchesters did not commonly require a crew, and often flew with only their Captain aboard. This made them unattractive prospects for many experienced officers as the captain of such a small dragon would not be able to gain seniority, partly due to the lack of men under their command, but also due to the tendency of dragons to respect strength and size over human notions of rank.