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Xenica, by Mooir
Xenica, by Drummergirl375

Dragon Breed Data

Breed Name: Xenica
National Loyalty: British
Physical Characteristics:
Special Abilities:
Known Members:

Species Notes

A dragon breed which, according to John Granby, prefers women captains like the Longwing. This was discovered shortly after the Longwing's preference was deduced by Queen Elizabeth I.

Origin Of Name?

There are several Australian butterflies with "Xenica" in their common names from the parent genera Geitoneura, Oreixenica, and Nesoxenica. The first named variety was the Ringed Xenica in 1805, with marbled orange/black wings marked with white-centered black eyespots.

In Temeraire's world, perhaps the Australian butterfly was named for a similar appearance to the British dragon. Conversely, perhaps Novik named the dragon after the butterfly.