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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Accendare
Date of Birth:
Breed: Flamme-de-Gloire
National Loyalty: France
Appearance: Yellow markings, missing talon from left rear leg, blind in right eye
Special Abilities: Fire breather
Status: Active


Accendare was a French Flamme-de-Gloire. She was missing one talon and was blind in her right eye due to injuries sustained during the Battle of the Glorious First of June. Because of these distinctive injuries, John Granby and others familiar with her were able to distinguish her from her decoys.

Her good eye was yellow and she had horns that curved down from her forehead to her jaws.

After William Laurence and Temeraire brought the mushrooms that cured the Dragon Plague to France in September 1807, Napoleon offered them refuge there. Laurence refused and insisted on returning to England. Napoleon then honoured him by sending him to the Calais covert with of an escort of the Old Guard and having Accendare's formation - 14 dragons in all - escort him and Temeraire across the Channel. Accendare herself had already contracted the plague at this time. Irritable and weary with coughing, she was inclined to snap and be difficult.

Six months later, by the time the Battle of Shoeburyness was fought, Accendare had apparently completely recovered, as she fought in that battle and burnt one of Messoria's wings.

Accendare can be construed in Latin as "May you be consumed in flames," via the second-person singular passive subjunctive of the verb accendo, accendere ("to ignite").