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Anglewing, by SeaSuds
Anglewing, by Kalia
Anglewing, by Mooir
Anglewing, by Drummergirl375

Dragon Breed Data[edit]

Breed Name: Anglewing
National Loyalty: British
Physical Characteristics: Middle-weight; golden-yellow
Special Abilities: Maneuvering in tight circles
Known Members: Obversaria, Velocitas, Palliatia, Orchestia

Species Notes[edit]

Anglewings are a small breed of dragon known for adroit maneuvering. They are only a little bit larger than Yellow Reapers.

Anglewing eggs are golden-brown spotted with bright yellow.

Origin Of Name?[edit]

There are several butterfly species collectively known as "anglewings" for the irregularly angular outline of their wings, whose mottled greyish-brown undersides resemble a tattered dead leaf when the butterfy rests on a twig. Anglewings' topside patterns are more varied, but most are tawny orange-brown with narrow black edges and small (sometimes graduated) black spots.