Bertram Woolvey

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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Bertram Woolvey
Date of Birth:
Service: n/a
Nationality: British


Bertram Woolvey was a gentleman who was an acquaintance of William Laurence. Unlike Laurence, Woolvey was his father's heir and never forced to pursue an occupation. He spent most of his time hunting and gambling, but was not known to be cruel or a coward. He was present at Wollaton Hall when Laurence first arrived with Temeraire. The next morning, he accompanied Miss Montagu when she wished to meet Temeraire.

Shortly after the Battle of Dover, Woolvey was engaged to Edith Galman, who had previously been in an understanding with Laurence himself. The two married thereafter and had a son, James, who became sick with the measles and prevented them from escaping their home in London when the French invaded.

Woolvey happened upon Laurence and Tharkay when they entered the city to rescue John Granby. Granby was being held in Kensington Palace, and Woolvey offered to take them in his carriage, since his presence (as a gentleman) would be less conspicuous. Tharkay also theorized that Woolvey was trying to prove he was just as brave as his wife's former suitor. The threesome managed to subdue the guard and free Granby, but Woolvey was shot in the chest just before they escaped to Iskierka's back. Laurence took the wedding ring off his finger and later sent it to Edith, with the news that he had died a hero.