Bright Copper

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Bright Copper, by Mooir
Bright Copper, by Kalia
Bright Copper, by Mooir
Bright Copper, by Drummergirl375

Dragon Breed Data[edit]

Breed Name: Bright Copper
National Loyalty: British
Physical Characteristics:
Special Abilities: Disproportionately large air sac
Known Members:

Species Notes[edit]

According to Sir Edward Howe, this breed was crossed with the Spanish Cauchador Real to create the Regal Copper. The cross was suggested by Roger Bacon.

The Bright Copper is notable for its disproportionately large air sacs--a trait that was successfully bred into the much larger Regal Copper and has allowed the latter to fly efficiently despite its weight.

Origin Of Name?[edit]

"Bright Copper" is also the common name of the Australian butterfly Paralucia aurifer, first described in 1848. Each wing has an upper pattern of a bright orange triangular center surrounded by wide dark brown margins; the undersides are duller brown with irregular black speckles.

It is possible that in Temeraire's world, the butterfly was named for a resemblance to the British dragon. Conversely, Novik may have named the dragon for the butterfly.