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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Chenery
Date of Birth:
Service: Aerial Corps
Rank: Captain
Nationality: British
Billets: Loch Laggan covert, Captain to Dulcia


Chenery was captain to Dulcia, one of Lily's formation, and was known for his high and cheerful spirits and thorough innocence of any sense of decorum.

He made an unusual contribution to Catherine Harcourt's and Tom Riley's marriage aboard the HMS Allegiance during the voyage home from Africa in August 1807. The ship's chaplain, Britten, was in the habit of operating in a more or less continuous state of drunkeness. The night before the ceremony, Chenery took Britten by the ear, dragged him up onto the dragondeck, and instructed Dulcia not to let him stir an inch. By morning, Britten was sober and terrified. Harcourt's runners brought him his clean shirt and breakfast on the dragondeck and brushed his coat for him on the spot. Alas, without the comforting haze of liquor, Britten seemed rather confused and stuttered more rather less over the phrases of the marriage ceremony.

Chenery was nearly hanged when he voiced his support for William Laurence and Temeraire's action to bring the cure for the dragon plague to France. The court was unable to find enough evidence that he was involved (he was not) and the Corps needed Dulcia.