Chequered Nettle

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A conjectural image of the Chequered Nettle's colouring, by SeaSuds
Chequered Nettle, by Kalia
Chequered Nettle, by Mooir
Chequered Nettle, by Drummergirl375
Chequered Nettle, by Wolfsubzero

Dragon Breed Data[edit]

Breed Name: Chequered Nettle
National Loyalty: British
Physical Characteristics: Heavy-weight, spiked tail, possibly gold-and-brown-colored [1]
Special Abilities: None
Known Members: Ballista, Armatius

Species Notes[edit]

Like the other Heavyweight breeds of Britain, the Chequered Nettle was not a native breed, but one that was created through cross-breeding. It is likely closely related to the Defendeur-Brave, a French breed that shares the trait of having a tail that can be used as a weapon, however, while the Chequered Nettle's tail is spiked, the Defendeur-Brave's tail is merely hooked.


Although no information is given as to the colouring of a Chequered Nettle, the colouring of the dragon Kulingile, who had Parnassian & Chequered Nettle forbears, as well as the colouring of several real-life creatures with "Chequered" in their name suggests that the Chequered Nettle is gold-coloured with brown patches.