Edith Galman

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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Edith Galman, later Edith Woolvey
Date of Birth:
Service: n/a
Nationality: British


Edith Galman was the daughter of Lord and Lady Galman. She and William Laurence had grown up together as children, and had an understanding between them that was hoped to lead to an actual engagement. However, their hopes came to nothing when Laurence harnessed Temeraire and joined the Aerial Corps.

Instead, she married Bertram Woolvey. She had Woolvey had one son, James, who became ill. His illness prevented Edith and Woolvey from fleeing London when the French invaded the city. There, Laurence once again ran into them when he entered the city with Tharkay to rescue the captured John Granby. Edith convinced her husband that Laurence was no traitor, and he aided Laurence and Tharkay in the rescue attempt, which Tharkay suggested was only to prove his bravery in Edith's eyes.

Woolvey was killed by the French during the operation, leaving Edith widowed with a small child. Jane Roland managed to share intelligence with Laurence that Edith remained unmolested during the occupation of London, though she was much grieved by the death of her husband.