Jean-Paul Choiseul

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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Jean-Paul Choiseul
Date of Birth:
Service: Armee de l’Air
Rank: Captain
Nationality: French
Billets: Captain to Praecursoris


Jean-Paul Choiseul remained loyal to the Bourbon kings when Napoleon Bonaparte came to power. He was forced to seek refuge in other countries. In 1805, he came to Britain and stayed at the Loch Laggan covert. His 14 years of experience and combat-ready dragon were enthusiastically welcomed by the Aerial Corps. Choiseul formed a particularly close attachment to Catherine Harcourt.

In truth, however, Choiseul had been sent to Britain to steal back Temeraire's egg for the French. He hoped that if he could perform this deed, he and Praecursoris would not be executed. But Temeraire had already hatched, so instead he attempted to kidnap Harcourt and Lily. In the process, he killed one of Lily's officers, Midwingman Wilpoys. This plot was foiled by William Laurence; the two fought, though it was ultimately Harcourt who overpowered Choiseul.

For his treachery, Choiseul was executed. His last act was to convince Praecursoris to accept safe haven at the British breeding grounds in Newfoundland.

Choiseul's execution caused deep upset among the Loch Laggan dragons, especially the younger ones, reminding them all of the mortality of their captains.