Lord Barham

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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Charles Middleton, Lord Barham
Date of Birth: 14 October 1726
Service: Admiralty
Rank: First Lord
Nationality: British


Lord Barham held the position of First Lord of the Admiralty at the time the Chinese delegation led by Prince Yongxing arrived in Britain in November or December of 1805 to demand Temeraire's return. Barham had been a serving sea-officer for years before joining the Government and had served during the great naval mutinies of 1797. However, he knew nothing about dragons. When Temeraire and William Laurence both refused to obey orders to cooperate with their separation, Barham considered this to be a breach of military discipline. He therefore enthusiastically accepted Prince Yongxing's suggestion that Laurence be sent to China along with Temeraire.

By the time Laurence and Temeraire returned from China at the end of December 1806, Barham had been removed from his position and replaced by Thomas Grenville, the older brother of Prime Minister William Grenville.