Lung Li Po

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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Lung Li Po
Date of Birth: Unknown
Breed: Li-Lung
Captain: None
National Loyalty: China
Appearance: Unknown
Special Abilities: Unknown
Status: Deceased


Lung Li Po, a dragon who lived during the Tang Dynasty, was a scholar and a poet. In particular, Sun Kai recited a poem written by Po called "The Hard Road" during Christmas dinner onboard the HMS Allegiance. It was this recitation that led to the discovery that Temeraire spoke Chinese, having learned it in the shell. Temeraire asked Laurence to repeat for him the translated version of the poem, but Laurence and the other officers mangled it so badly that Prince Yongxing - who had not been at the dinner - was moved to recite it in Chinese. Temeraire was able to repeat the verses back in Chinese after hearing the poem said once and then to discuss it in Chinese with Yongxing.


  • Historically, Li Po is believed to have died of natural causes, although it is a common story that he drowned while attempting to embrace the moon's reflection in a river. Some have even stated that this story was a cover, and that Li Po was murdered instead. The cause of death for the draconic Lung Li Po is as yet unknown.