Lung Shen Li

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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Lung Shen Li
Date of Birth: Unknown
Breed: Shen-Lung
Captain: None
National Loyalty: China
Appearance: Great pale-blue wings, at least twice as wide as her body length
Special Abilities: Unknown
Status: Active


Lung Shen Li was one of four dragons bred for a somewhat new Chinese breed that should be able to fly for long periods of time. She could easily stay in the air for more than three days at a time. It was said that similar dragons were bred by the Ming Dynasty, so the Chinese knew which matings would produce the preferred results. However, during the period of Chinese isolationism (encouraged by Prince Yongxing), there was no need for such dragons and they died out. Prince Mianning gave orders that they should be brought back, for trade purposes, and within three years Lung Shen Li and her year-mates were hatched. Though she is the only one who can fly more than two or three days at a time.

Lung Shen Li was sent to the Australian continent and ferried goods between the natives and the Chinese at the port of Larrakia. In flight, she was easily able to outstrip Temeraire without so much as noticing his pursuit. Temeraire felt there was something "peculiar" about her, as she would sit for hours and hours without saying a word, and when he would ask what she was thinking she would say she was trying not to think.


Based on the general structure of Chinese names for dragons, Shen was the identifier for her breed, so it is possible that she was a variety of Shen-Lung.

It could be that unless a new dragon is a visibly different breed from the last one, it keeps the name of one of its forebears or the one that the dragon look the most alike, instead of coming up with an entirely new breed name (if that happened, there'd be thousands of different middle names).