Lung Tien Chuan

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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Lung Tien Chuan
Date of Birth: January 1805
Breed: Celestial
Captain: Prince Mianning
National Loyalty: China
Appearance: Black with blue eyes; identical to Temeraire
Special Abilities: Divine Wind
Status: Deceased


Lung Tien Chuan was the eldest son of Lung Tien Qian, and companion to Prince Mianning, the future Daoguang Emperor of China. At birth, Chuan's twin brother, Lung Tien Xiang was sent to the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, while still in his egg, to prevent future competition to the Imperial Throne.

Chuan later met his brother (now named "Temeraire") when Prince Yongxing, companion to his cousin Lung Tien Lien travelled to Britain; whose navy had captured Xiang's egg from a French ship, to demand his return to China. Unknown to Chuan, Yongxing was plotting to have both the Jiaqing Emperor and Prince Mianning murdered, and establish the Prince's younger brother Miankai as Emperor with Temeraire as his companion, while he ruled as regent.

Sometime around 1811 or 1812, Chuan was poisoned and killed by a faction at court that opposed Prince Mianning's reign.

Relation to other Celestials[edit]

Because little is known about the family tree of the Celestials, the following chart is conjectural. A detailed explanation on how this conclusion was reached exists on the page for "Grandfather".

Two Imperials
Grandfather(Lung Tien Xian?)(M)
Lung Tien Qian(F)                                                        Lung Tien Chu(M)
|                                                                        |
+------------------+                               +                     |
Lung Tien Chuan(M) Lung Tien Xiang(Temeraire)(M)   Lung Tien Ming? (M)   Lung Tien Lien(F)
                                                   Lung Tien Zhi? (M)