Lung Tien Ming

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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Lung Tien Ming
Date of Birth: Unknown
Breed: Celestial
Captain: Unknown
National Loyalty: China
Special Abilities: Divine Wind
Status: Active


Lung Tien Ming is one of seven Celestial dragons descended from "Grandfather". His exact relation to the other Celestials is unknown, but from the existing knowledge of the Celestial family tree, he could either be a son of Lung Tien Qian or Lung Tien Chu, or their grandson, and companion of the Jiaqing Emperor.

Aside from being briefly mentioned by Qian, Ming has not explicitly appeared in the Temeraire series to date.

Relation to other Celestials[edit]

Because little is known about the family tree of the Celestials, the following chart is conjectural. A detailed explanation on how this conclusion was reached exists on the page for "Grandfather".

Two Imperials
Grandfather(Lung Tien Xian?)(M)
Lung Tien Qian(F)                                                        Lung Tien Chu(M)
|                                                                        |
+------------------+                               +                     |
Lung Tien Chuan(M) Lung Tien Xiang(Temeraire)(M)   Lung Tien Ming? (M)   Lung Tien Lien(F)
                                                   Lung Tien Zhi? (M)