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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Requiescat
Date of Birth:
Breed: Regal Copper
National Loyalty: Britain
Appearance: Bright red and orange
Special Abilities:
Status: Active


Requiescat was a Regal Copper living at the Pen Y Fan Breeding Grounds when Temeraire arrived. As the largest dragon at the breeding grounds, Requiescat was used to having things his own way, getting the nicest cave to live in and always getting enough to eat even when food was short. He and Temeraire initially got off on a bad foot when Requiescat tried to take Temeraire's cave, but eventually they ended up working together against the invading French army.

Requiescat was able to spy on the French troops without trouble. When they saw he had no captain, the French thought he was just looking for company and put out cows to try to tempt them to their side, since a Regal Copper is very valuable. It was he who reported that French would attack London.

During the invasion he got the rank of captain and wore a green epaulette even though, as Temeraire put it, he had to be told what orders to give.

He is said to have weighed twenty six tons when he was younger. As a result of the dragon sickness (and presumably age), he weighed significantly less.

His name literally means "May he/she rest" or "Let him/her rest", as in the funereal phrase Requiescat in pace ("Rest in peace"). It is the third-person singular hortatory subjunctive of the verb requiescere, "to rest".