Selim III

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Selim III, by Konstantin Kapidagli (1803)

Character Profile[edit]

Name: Selim III
Date of Birth: December 24, 1761
Rank: Sultan, Caliph
Nationality: Turkish/Ottoman


Selim III (Ottoman Turkish: سليم ثالث Selīm-i sālis) (December 24, 1761 – July 28/29, 1808) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1789 to 1807. He was a son of Mustafa III (1757–74) and succeeded his uncle Abdülhamid I (1774–89).

It was during his reign that Napoleon's invasion of Egypt severed the alliance between the Ottoman Empire and France. The Ottomans joined with Britain in the [Battle of the Nile] with Turkish dragons fighting alongside Admiral Nelson's fleet.

In 1806, Britain purchased 3 dragon eggs from the Ottoman Empire, in which the Ottomans kept the money (a very significant amount) and attempted to keep the eggs by claiming the money had been stolen by the British Ambassador Mr. Arbuthnot's secretary. The secretary, a Mr. James Yarmouth, vanished after the ambassador's "accidental" death. The Ottomans afterwards used the money to improve Istanbul's defenses, and Lung Tien Lien along with the French Ambassador de Guignes either improved relationship between the Ottoman Empire and France, or at least soured relationship between the Ottoman Empire and Britain.