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Character Profile[edit]

Name: Wringe
Date of Birth: Unknown
Breed: Unknown (Feral)
Captain: None
National Loyalty: None
Appearance: Dark grey; large for a feral, a good-sized middle-weight
Special Abilities: None
Status: Active


Wringe was a larger dragon in Arkady's tribe. She was one of two "lieutenants" of the group who keep the other dragons in line. (The other was Molnar.)

On the ferals' first patrol over British territory, they were attacked by a band of French dragons where the unprepared ferals were out-maneuvered. Wringe was badly injured and forced to land, to the fury of the other ferals. Temeraire has to carry her to Weymouth covert.

She had an egg with Arkady which was shipped to Australia, and eventually hatched out Caesar.

In 1812, Arkady informed Temeraire that he had mated with Wringe a second time. It is unknown whether or not Wringe produced a second egg, Caesar's sibling, by Arkady.