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[[Image:cauchadorreal.jpg|thumb|300px|Cauchador Real, by Mooir]]
{{DragonBreeds|name=Cauchador Real|loyalty=Spain|physical=Large, orange coloring|abilities=|members=[[Conquistador]]}}
{{DragonBreeds|name=Cauchador Real|loyalty=Spain|physical=Large, orange coloring|abilities=|members=[[Conquistador]]}}

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Cauchador Real, by Mooir

Dragon Breed Data

Breed Name: Cauchador Real
National Loyalty: Spain
Physical Characteristics: Large, orange coloring
Special Abilities:
Known Members: Conquistador

Species Notes

Native to the barren desert regions of southeast Spain near Almería, the Cauchador Real were described as "fierce" by Sir Edward Howe. In the wild, this breed would grow to 10 or 12 tons, but domesticated reached a fighting weight of approximately 25 tons.

Breeding the Cauchador Real with the smaller British breed Bright Copper produced the Regal Copper, which was both larger than either of its ancestors and better able to sustain flight over distance. The mix was originally suggested by scholar Roger Bacon based on the faulty assumption of the era that similarly colored dragons might breed well together. The faulty reasoning aside, the mix turned out to be a very fruitful one.

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