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August 1-2: Battle of the Nile. [[William Laurence]] and [[Jane Roland]] present.
August 1-2: [[Battle of the Nile]]. [[William Laurence]] and [[Jane Roland]] present.
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October 14: [[Jean-Paul Choiseul]] attempts to kidnap [[Catherine Harcourt]] and [[Lily]] (approximate).
October 14: [[Jean-Paul Choiseul]] attempts to kidnap [[Catherine Harcourt]] and [[Lily]] (approximate).
October 21: Naval battle at Trafalgar. Excidium, [[Mortiferus]], [[Laetificat]], and [[Volly]] all present.
October 21: [[Battle of Trafalgar]]. [[Excidium]], [[Mortiferus]], [[Laetificat]], and [[Volly]] all present.
November 5: [[Jeremy Rankin]] spies Bonaparte's plans for Dover. [[Levitas]] dies (approximate).
November 5: [[Jeremy Rankin]] spies Bonaparte's plans for Dover. [[Levitas]] dies (approximate).

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A brief outline of relevant events.


August 15: Napoleon Bonaparte born on Corsica.


Lord Macartney's embassy to China. His ship, the Lion, becomes the first Western vessel to chart the Bay of Zhitao. Maccartney refuses to perform the ritual obesiance, the kow tow, to the Emperor of China and the British expedition was forced to leave.

William Laurence is promoted to lieutenant in the Royal Navy. He serves under Capt. Barstowe on the HMS Shorewise.


August 1-2: Battle of the Nile. William Laurence and Jane Roland present.








January: The French frigate Amitie and a dragon egg are captured by William Laurence and the HMS Reliant. One week later, Temeraire hatches and is harnessed and named by Laurence. Laurence appoints Lt. Tom Riley as Reliant's captain.

February: Three weeks after Temeraire's hatching, Reliant arrives at Funchal, Madeira. After spending two weeks on a transport from the vicinity of Madeira to Britain, Laurence reports to Aerial Command in London. After spending a night at his family's home in Nottinghamshire, he reports to the Loch Laggan covert, where he and Temeraire begin training with Berkley and Maximus under Celeritas's supervision.

July: Lily's formation moves to the Dover covert and is attacked by French dragons (approximate).

September 29-30: Excidium leaves Dover for Cadiz. He arrives two weeks later, and the British begin their attack on the Spanish.

October 14: Jean-Paul Choiseul attempts to kidnap Catherine Harcourt and Lily (approximate).

October 21: Battle of Trafalgar. Excidium, Mortiferus, Laetificat, and Volly all present.

November 5: Jeremy Rankin spies Bonaparte's plans for Dover. Levitas dies (approximate).

November 6: The Battle of Dover. Temeraire discovers the Divine Wind (approximate).

December 2: Napoleon defeats Russia and Austria at Austerlitz

December 25: Christmas. Sun Kai recites poetry by Lung Li Po, iniating Temeraire's Chinese education.


February 18: Chinese New Year. Feng Li attempts to murder William Laurence.

October 14: Prussia defeated at Jena-Auerstadt


March: Seige of Danzing begins.









June 18: Napoleon Bonaparte defeated by Wellington at Waterloo.

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